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Fálaina is a technology provider of
Identity and Access Management solutions.

Fálaina enables enterprises to have visibility and secure their infrastructures, applications and data for private and public cloud.
Fálaina comprehensive solution addresses today’s requirements of an enterprise for:

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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

With its IGA capabilities, Fálaina focuses on who's who, what's what and who has access to what in an organisation. There are three products under its IGA portfolio: IACM, ILM and PAM.

In addition, Fálaina believes that privileged access management is a key part of governing identity in an organisation, which is why it is included in our IGA portfolio.

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Data Access Governance (DAG)

The primary purpose of DAG is to ensure that unstructured data is dealt with in an appropriate manner, and access is only given to those who deserve it, when they deserve it. At Fálaina, this is ensured through DACM.

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Access Management (AM)

With AM, emphasis is placed on ensuring seamless access enforcement across all platforms. Fálaina also places emphasis on ensuring that its AM portfolio is fully integrated with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and IGA. At Fálaina, we achieve this through WSSO and MFA.

We are Fálaina

Fálaina’s identity and access management portfolio includes everything an organization needs to manage, protect, store, verify, and share identity information throughout their on-premise enterprise applications and cloud platforms.


Provide flexible and comprehensive approach to adopt and implement technologies over a period of time to meet overall organisation needs


Security, through comprehensive, current information about who has access to what applications and data

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction, by automating slow, error prone manual processes for provisioning and auditing

Data Protection

Data protection and privacy, with secure control of access to information and resources


Compliance, through comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities

Quick ROI

Fast time to market, by accelerating the processes of sharing access with business partners

Revenue Growth

Revenue growth, by speeding the deployment and delivery of new services from multiple partners

Improved Service Levels

Improved service levels, with powerful user self-service and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities

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