Identity Analytic and Compliance Manager (IACM)

Fálaina’s Identity Analytic and Compliance Manager (IACM) is key for the next generation Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that provides complete visibility on who's who, what's what and who has access to what for enterprises to address their audit and compliance requirements.

Identity Analytics & Compliance Manager (IACM)

Reconciliation process with automated discovery of account and access

Discovery of users (employees and non-employees) against their accounts in various target systems is key to the detection process. IACM provides agent-less connectors for both authoritative source and target system integration to enable enterprises to automate the reconciliation process.

The IACM discovery engine is distributed in nature and can be deployed both on-premise and on the cloud. Today, IACM has more than 70 out-of-the-box agent-less connectors that enable discovery of accounts, technical group/ role and permission across operating systems, directory servers, databases, mainframes, enterprise applications, IoT platforms and Cloud/ SaaS based applications.

IACM also supports the use of flat-files/ batch files to populate the employee identity data and access rights data. The data population of this data can be scheduled for periodic reconciliation. Every target systems stores their Identity data differently.

IACM provides a mechanism for not only aggregating identity and entitlement data, but storing the data in a normalised format in the identity repository

Complete visibility with comprehensive entitlement catalogue

The entitlement catalogue displays the actual access rights granted to any individual 

Initial access rights granted as part of the employee/ non-employee on-boarding process get updated as the individual continues in organization 

Entitlement catalogue displays employee identity data along with their detailed access rights data, which was discovered and reconciled as part of the discovery process.

Fálaina also supports the ability to drill-down access rights data across target systems to specific login/ account, technical group/ role and permission details

Identity governance, risk, and compliance management with Segregation of Duties (SoD) checks

Fálaina’s IACM provides a cost effective GRC solution to address a wide range of compliance requirements such as segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts, sensitive access and other violations. It produces results for policy violations, reviews, risk scoring, reports and dashboards.

The SoD rules and policies can be applied across multiple applications or across platforms to address conflicts that exist across systems.

As part of the compliance check for sensitive access, policies can be created to query set of users having set of sensitive access for any systems, and these can be used for reporting and access rights review process.

Access rights review with close-loop remediation

Fálaina’s IACM automates access review and certification processes, which use workflow processes and our web portal to present identity data and entitlement data to reviewers.

The solution allows the reviewer to run certification campaigns by resource, user, entitlement, or any other attribute such as the review of users leaving the organisation, inactive/ dormant users, users transferred to other departments or delta certification. Sensitive access and SoD compliance review is integrated as part of this review and certification process to allow seamless experience for the reviewer and approvers. Other capabilities include workflow integration and attachment management.

The IACM review and certification process includes close-loop remediation process via workflow process, provisioning event, or email notifications.

Enterprise role management

Role management is the process of mining, modelling, defining, and maintaining roles in the IGA implementation. Business roles are typically used to define individual job functions within an organisation. IT roles, on the other hand, are created to provide valuable information to construct policies for administration of access, and enforcement of access within any applications.

Given the comprehensiveness of the connectors, Fálaina’s IACM is able to mine access data all the way down to detailed entitlements. Further, IACM automates the mining/ discovery process and recommends candidate roles.

This information is used in downstream processes such as role-based provisioning, access review/ certification, SoD checks, role-based access control across enterprises on-premise, and cloud/ SaaS applications.

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