Fálaina is now in Hong Kong and Australia!

As part of our global expansion plans, Fálaina has opened offices in the following locations:

Hong Kong

Given that Hong Kong is an ideal location as a regional headquarters for overseeing business in North Asia, it was only natural for us to set our sights there. With a large and mature target market for IAM in Hong Kong, along with a gateway to the Chinese market that is looking for solutions within Asia, this would be the ideal location to support rapid future expansion.

Currently, we have set up our Hong Kong office in October 2021, and built a small dedicated team to facilitate local engagement as well as R&D for the North Asia region.


As part of Fálaina’s planned expansion in the ANZ region, it made sense for us to set up base in Melbourne, Australia. With a market size approximately 10 times that of Singapore, Fálaina will have the opportunity to rapidly expand and grow.

With our establishment in Melbourne in September 2021, we are already seeing traction, with a collaboration with a local university, where their students are using our solutions for hands-on training and understanding of Identity and Access Management.